Our Crown Russian Ossetra caviar with its remarkable, nutty flavor and firm, juicy texture, has large, brown
grains, and is a favorite among caviar connoisseurs.

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Our Crown Ossetra caviar with its remarkable, nutty flavor and firm, juicy texture, has large, brown grains, and is a favorite among caviar connoisseurs. Crown Ossetra has less than 3% salt content.

Crown Ossetra Caviar is revered for a multitude of reasons, making it a top choice among caviar connoisseurs. Here’s a breakdown of its key selling points:

Exquisite Taste and Texture:

Nutty, buttery, and complex: Crown Ossetra boasts a nuanced flavor profile, often described as nutty, buttery, with hints of caramel, brine, and even earthiness. This complexity sets it apart from other caviars.

Firm, yet delicate pearls: The large, firm beads burst with flavor upon release, offering a delightful textural contrast to their delicate casings.
Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing:

Farmed Ossetra sturgeon: Crown Ossetra comes from sustainably farmed Ossetra sturgeon, rather than being harvested from the wild. This helps protect wild sturgeon populations and aligns with the growing consumer preference for ethical food choices.

Controlled conditions: Farms ensure optimal living conditions for the sturgeon, leading to healthier fish and potentially impacting the quality and consistency of the caviar.

High-Quality Production:

Minimal processing: Crown Ossetra undergoes minimal processing, preserving its natural flavor and texture. This stands in contrast to some caviars with added preservatives or flavorings.

Low salt content: Crown Ossetra typically has a lower salt content than other caviars, allowing the pure taste of the caviar to shine through.

Brand Reputation and Tradition:

Renowned producers: Brands like Caviar Lover and Bemka House of Caviar and Fine Foods are known for their dedication to quality and traditional production methods, further elevating the appeal of Crown Ossetra.

Symbol of luxury and indulgence: Caviar, in general, represents luxury and opulence, and Crown Ossetra, with its superior quality and taste, further embodies this.

Versatility in Consumption:

Enjoyment on its own: Crown Ossetra can be savored on its own, showcasing its pure flavor and texture.

Pairing with other flavors: It also pairs beautifully with blinis, crème fraîche, champagne, and other accompaniments, allowing for culinary creativity.

In conclusion, our Crown Ossetra caviar’s popularity stems from its exceptional taste, responsible sourcing, meticulous production, brand prestige, and versatility. It’s a true delicacy for those seeking the ultimate caviar experience.


1 oz (28 g), 2 oz (56 g), 3.5 (100 g), 4 oz (112 GR), 4.5 oz (125 g), 7 oz (200 g), 8.75 oz (250 g), 14 oz (400 g), 16 oz (450 g), 17.5 oz (500 g), 35 oz (1000 g)


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