Established April 1984

Our Web Sites

Our Web Sites

We offer our customers several online outlets

Caviar Lover

Caviar Lover

Visit and not only will you be able to shop for high quality caviar, but you’ll do so on a user friendly and accessible website.

House of Caviar

House of Caviar

Visit and you can shop for a wide selection of caviar, foie gras, truffles, mushrooms, and  many other high quality food products.

Bemka Pro

Bemka Pro

If you’re a chef or need access to our professional service, is for you. This is were we cater to the distributors, wholesalers, and restaurants.

Our History

Our History

And Passion for Fine Foods

Thank you for choosing the Bemka Corporation, a symbol of distinction and perfection since 1984. For over three decades we have been supplying 5 star hotels, restaurants, country clubs and gourmet shops in both the United States and Europe . We are an official importer of international farmed caviar and distributors of domestic wild caviar. We also provide our customers with options for international fine foods.

Our professionals at Bemka succeed in rigorously selection, preparation, and packing if one of the most extraordinary foods in existence: Caviar.

Bemka offers fine Caviar including Kaluga, Royal Imperial, Russian Ossetra, Royal Siberian, White Sturgeon and Wild American caviar from the Mississippi River, along with Salmon Roe, Whitefish Roe, Flying Fish Roe and Trout Roe. All of our caviar are selected by our experts , packed with ice, and shipped overnight to your location, guaranteed to arrive fresh.

At Bemka, you will find exceptional products selected from around the world. In addition to caviar and fish roe, we offer foie gras, truffles, truffle products , smoked fish, and Sushi caviar. We also offer a wide range of delicacies such as pure saffron, sea salt , chocolates, dried and frozen wild mushrooms, pates, gastronomic preserves, exotic bourbon vanilla beans and more.

Our experts select, prepare, and package a wide range of sophisticated fine food products under the control of CITES, FDA and HACCP. Epicureans and gourmet professionals alike will find the highest quality specialty foods along with paramount customer service that meets your everyday culinary demands. We are fully committed to an outstanding quality and service. Your high SATISFACTION is our ULTIMATE GOAL.

By The Numbers

Years in Business

It’s been a great 30+ years. We’re looking forward the next 30!

Thousand Pounds

That’s the volume of caviar our customers help us move.

Control Systems

Under supervision of HACCP, FDA, USDA, and USFWL, quality and service is our goal.

Your Choice

Number 1 is what we strive to be for our customers. No kidding.

Passion and Perfection motivate us around here.
That’s Bemka Culture.

Max Moghaddam

Our Team

Dedicated to Providing You A great Product and Amazing Service

Max Moghaddam
Max Moghaddam
Zoe Moghaddam
Zoe Moghaddam
Navid Moghaddam
Navid Moghaddam
Vice President

A Selection of Distinguished Brands We Carry

Our Products

A Small Selection of our Products

Foie Gras Torchon Foie Gras
Smoked Salmon Fillets Seafood
Royal Imperial Caviar
Royal Siberian Caviar
Imperial Russian Ossetra Caviar
Fresh Black Winter Truffles Truffles
Spanish Iberico Specialty
Fresh Duck Foie Gras Foie Gras
Kaluga Caviar
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